HZAU insists on operating in an international way, actively carries out all-round, multi-level international exchanges and cooperation, and has established cooperative relations with 150 universities, scientific research institutions in more than 40 countries and regions. Each year nearly 500 experts and scholars from other countries and regions come to HZAU to teach, cooperate in scientific researches and have academic exchange activities, meanwhile, HZAU sends more than 500 teachers and students abroad through various channels .

In 2003, HZAU became the first pilot unit of "high level experts to develop highly-educated foreign students", so it was granted the qualification to receive the students sponsored by Chinese government scholarship. HZAU has International College, engaged in enrollment and management of foreign students (including undergraduates, postgraduates and doctoral students, post doctorates and visiting scholars), management and teaching of Chinese as a foreign language of international exchange students. Up to now, there are 330 foreign students from 50 countries and regions to receive further education in HZAU.

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